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7 of our Favourite Jewellery Picks for Summer Styling

7 of our Favourite Jewellery Picks for Summer Styling

Packing your suitcase? So are we. Ahead of a summer full of adventure and exploration, be it to the mountains, beach, or big city, we've put together a list of some of our favourite bestselling jewellery pieces that will stun in any situation. This is the season where we shed our layers, both literally and figuratively, stepping out with a renewed sense of freedom and joy. From beachside brunches to moonlit soirées, the right accessories can effortlessly enhance any look, adding that touch of sparkle and sophistication.

Dive into our carefully curated collection of the best summer styling jewellery, each piece a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or seeking something subtle yet stunning, our selection promises to cater to every taste and occasion. We explore our 10 bestselling summer must-haves.

1. Gladiatrix Earrings

Named after the female counterpart of the Roman Gladiators, these earrings carry strength, resilience, and courage - key virtues of a legendary bygone era. Simply designed but delivering a powerful statement, these are the perfect addition to any evening dress, for that added boost of confidence, and to embrace your fierce femininity.

2. Angel Earrings

Born in the summer months, our Angel Earrings are inspired by the majestic paintings across churches in Andalusia, the ethereal depictions of soaring angels with their gentle femininity and grace. These earrings are the perfect light addition to any summer outfit, to uplift and stun.

3. Birds of Paradise Earrings

From our Exotica collection, these earrings named after the breathtaking flower are top of our list for summer picks. Exuding memories of the jungle, of fragrant air, butterflies, and that tropical feeling. The Bird of Paradise thrives in Subtropical and Tropical regions of the world, and symbolises freedom.

4. Cravate Tie Necklace

 One of our all-time bestsellers, the Cravate can be used in more ways than you could dream of. This versatile piece was inspired by the pared-back luxe fashion of the early 80's and the seamless transition from day-to-night.  This piece is constructed from fringed gold mesh and is the perfect finishing piece for your summer outfit, and we're always finding new ways to style it!

5. Carcinos Cuff

 Adorned with a beautiful Rhodocrosite semi-precious gemstone, the Carcinos Cuff from our newest Atlantis collection is the perfect piece to embody the ever-present spirit of the ocean and of the crab, the protector and warrior. Proceeds from this piece also go to Fashion For Cancer, a foundation close to our heart.

6. Love Bird Earrings

 Another of our favourites, the Love Bird Earrings are a delicate reminder of togetherness and endearment, symbolising the pair of beauties Vero saw on a recent trip to Bali. With a range of different semi-precious stones and pearls, these earrings can be accessorised with almost everything!

7. Goddess Collier

The Goddess Choker expresses strength in its architectural shape and ephemeral beauty in its gently dancing gem stones. This piece is reminiscent of the divine feminine - of strength, power, and deep internal beauty. This collier brings courage and reinforcement.

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