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A Fusion of Heritage and Haute Couture: Bohème x Eric Raisina Collaboration

Embark on a journey that transcends time and cultures, as Bohème SG joins forces with the visionary Eric Raisina. A true luminary of the fashion realm, Eric's journey weaves through the golden age of French Haute Couture, and his exquisite "haute texture" style stands as a testament to his exceptional creativity and craftsmanship.


Eric Raisina: A Tale of Heritage and Elegance

The allure of the 1920s, the pinnacle of French Haute Couture, holds a special place in Eric's heart. His deep passion lies in the couture design process, where he merges the splendor of that era with his own distinct perspective. Eric's journey took him on a remarkable path, from designing fabrics for Yves Saint Laurent's iconic 5 Avenue Marceau to collaborating with Christian Lacroix Haute Couture.


From Madagascar to Paris: A Path of Excellence

Eric's journey to excellence took flight when he clinched the title of "New Young Designer of the Year" at the Fashion Festival and Textile Competition in Madagascar. This prestigious win propelled him to pursue further studies in Textile and Fashion at Ecole Des Arts Appliqués Duperré Paris, supported by a scholarship. His dedication and talent culminated in a Master's degree in Textile and Fashion from the esteemed Institute Français de la Mode.


Bohème x Eric Raisina: A Journey Along the Nile

United by a shared commitment to artistic expression and cultural fusion, Bohème SG and Eric Raisina embarked on a journey together. The collaboration blossomed on the illustrious stage of the Fashion Week in Portugal, culminating in a collaboration for Bohème's new collection, "Along the Nile." This collection, a tapestry of history and diversity, bears the unmistakable hallmark of Eric's "haute texture" style – a fusion of African, European, and Asian influences through unique textures.


Discover Bohème at Eric Raisina's Boutique in Cambodia

In a moment of excitement, we are delighted to share that Bohème SG will soon be available for purchase at Eric Raisina's Boutique in Cambodia. This collaboration marks not only a celebration of fashion and artistry but also a union of global perspectives and visions.

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