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Embark on a captivating journey with Bohème SG, where destinations and cultures intertwine to create an enchanting collection of jewelry. Inspired by Vero's global adventures, each line in our collection carries the essence of its origin, allowing you to personally experience and indulge in these travels through authentic designs and styles.

As a brand deeply committed to nature and sustainability, we take pride in using recycled brass and natural gems in our jewelry. Our dedication to ethical sourcing ensures that every material used in our collection is obtained responsibly, with utmost respect for the environment and the rights of the workers involved in the production process.

The Bohème collection has garnered acclaim for its unique designs, offering affordable luxury that perfectly complements the lifestyle our customers seek. Discover our carefully curated selection, available in exclusive boutiques across Singapore, Bali, Thailand, France, China, Saudi Arabia, and online.

Join us on this magical voyage of beauty, wanderlust, and responsible luxury, as we celebrate the world's treasures through the art of jewelry. Let each exquisite piece adorn you with tales of adventure and sophistication, embracing the spirit of Bohème SG in every wear.

Indulge in our captivating collection today and experience the allure of global exploration, brought to life in the artistry of our jewelry.

 Our Founder

Vero M's adventures have woven a tapestry of cultural encounters, scenic marvels, and creative inspirations. Her passion for travel blossomed from a young age, igniting a lifelong love affair with exploring the diverse landscapes of Asia and Europe.

From the bustling markets of Barcelona to the serene rice terraces of Bali, each destination left an indelible mark on Vero's soul. As she embarked on her travels, her affinity for fashion flourished, setting her on a path of artistic expression and design.

Having lived across continents, Vero's experiences culminated in India, where she realized her dream of curating a multi-brand store featuring emerging talents. But it was her bohemian-chic lifestyle that yearned for artistic freedom and personal reflection, giving birth to Bohème SG in 2013.

Today, Vero's vision and creativity infuse every piece of jewelry in the Bohème collection, allowing you to wear a part of her extraordinary journey and embrace the spirit of wanderlust.

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