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Discover the Artistry of Yousef Akbar x Bohème SG Collaboration

Introducing a fusion of haute couture and artisan craftsmanship: the breathtaking collaboration between renowned designer Yousef Akbar and Bohème SG. A confluence of elegance and sustainability, this partnership celebrates the innate strength and beauty of the women Yousef Akbar dresses, adorning them with mesmerizing creations that pay homage to both the natural world and the power of femininity.

Yousef Akbar: A Visionary in Fashion

Yousef Akbar, the luminary who clinched the coveted top prize in the eveningwear category at the esteemed 2020 Fashion Trust Arabia Awards, is synonymous with designs that redefine glamour. His creations, graced by Hollywood icons such as Nicole Kidman and Chrissy Teigen, weave an aura of sophistication and allure.

A Tale of Collaboration and Creative Brilliance

Bohème SG proudly embarked on a collaborative journey with Yousef, with a remarkable debut in Vogue Australia in 2022. This alliance received accolades, prompting a renewed partnership that now gives birth to an exceptional capsule collection and exquisite clothing accessories.

Captivating the Essence: The Capsule Collection Unveiling

Marking a momentous occasion, we unveiled our latest capsule collection and accessory line, ingeniously designed by Vero, at the illustrious Fashion Week in Sydney this May, 2023. Immerse yourself in a world where intricate craftsmanship meets conscious creation, as our skilled artisans passionately handcraft each accessory. A symphony of recycled brass and 18k gold plating dances with the allure of amethysts and black onyx, igniting a visual spectacle that reveres femininity's profound allure.

A Tribute to Nature, Femininity, and Sustainability

At the intersection of elegance, consciousness, and creativity, emerges a collection that honors nature's elegance, celebrates the essence of femininity, and champions sustainability. By seamlessly weaving together organic loops, delicate chains, and the symbolic orchids, we have given life to designs that transcend visual allure, offering a profound homage to the natural world and the indomitable power of femininity.

Embrace Elegance and Sustainability

We invite you to be part of this momentous collaboration, as we redefine elegance with a sustainable twist. Stay tuned for the exclusive launch of the Yousef Akbar x Bohème SG capsule collection, where every piece tells a story of artistry, sustainability, and the timeless allure of femininity.

In the interim, immerse yourself in our enchanting collection, "Temptation," which drew the attention of Yousef and his visionary team. As we continue to redefine fashion, one creation at a time, embrace the allure of Yousef Akbar x Bohème SG – a celebration of art, nature, and the essence of women.

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