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ACM Museum

Capsule Collection



Bohemesg is thrilled to have created a capsule collection in collaboration with ACM, the prestigious museum in Singapore.

Inspired by the Peranakan bridal jewellery, Chinese dragons and accessories, Xanadu aims at representing the richness and diversity of the Asian jewellery collection.

While Xanadu was occupied only briefly, being destroyed in 1368, it became a place of legend, its name romanticized in popular culture as awondrous exotic place where one of the most powerful rulers in the world held court. The discovery of the dragon heads, and other remains from Xanadu, paints a picture of what the site visually. Dragons were the symbol of the emperor, offering luck and good fortune.

Xanadu really was a vibrant, cosmopolitan capital, a cultural melting pot, filled with amazing temples and stunning palaces, fit for an emperor who ruled over a quarter of the world's population, and the largest empire on earth.

The city, also known as Shangdu, was known for its "palaces, gardens, and waterways.”
The Travels of Marco Polo," written in 1298, contained a description of Xanadu and developed the capital city famous throughout the western world.

Singapore is truly now the epitome of cultural melting pot of Asia in modern days. It is the meeting point of establishing the social architecture with the authenticity of the traditional and the modern with the juxtaposition of nature and the sustainable urbanisation for cosmopolitan to meet the artistry.

Xanadu is displayed at Design Orchard Level 3. It will be available exclusively at the store from the 6 th of December till the 4 th of January before being launched on our web.