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The idea of an Egyptian collection took root during Vero's family trip. They were enthralled by the ancient Egyptian artifacts in the Cairo Museum and captivated by all the treasures they discovered. Along their journey, Vero discovered the reverence for the power and the sacred meaning of the jewel, created to soothe their owner’s path into the afterlife. She became enthralled discovering pieces of Ancient jewelry dating back 3000 years, whose sophisticated modernity resonated with her own design approach.

As per Boheme’s  past collections, she used meaningful symbols of Ancient Egypt such as the obelisk, Isis Headdress ,the snake ,the pyramid shape ,the eyes of Osiris and Horus, scarabs, and pharaohs.

Vero also used emotionally charged colors and stones such as lapis and turquoise, symbols of the sky and the universe, carnelian , amethyst, a favorite with pharaohs for protection and citrine for clarity of mind and manifestation of desires. She hopes that through this collection, she can weave a thread of continuity from ancient to modern.​

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