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Crafting Ethical Elegance

Crafting Ethical Elegance

In a world plagued with disposable goods and landfillable materials, we know how difficult it can be to surround yourself with ethically made clothes and jewellery. Boheme SG was founded on a pillar of sustainability - Vero wanted to ensure that her timeless pieces would last, and our customers wouldn’t feel guilty about buying. Therefore, we’ve spent years streamlining our process to ensure we can genuinely give ourselves the badge of ethical production.

To minimise our impact on the environment, all of our jewellery is made from recycled, ethically sourced brass, which we gold-plate. Recycled brass adds a unique charm while retaining its original quality. Our semi-precious gemstones are also sourced ethically within India, from which our skilled artisans craft elegant pieces in our small workshop in Jaipur. 

In addition to this, we are incredibly proud of our recycling initiative, in which if you have a piece of Boheme SG jewellery you no longer wear, you are invited to return it to us for recycling, and in return will receive 30% off your next purchased item!

2024 is a bright year for our sustainability efforts, and our next collection will highlight the importance of Marine conservation and the beauty that lies below the blue surface. Several of our pieces are made specially to contribute to foundations close to our hearts, and we hope to bring awareness to these, as well as to protecting the ocean, with all its beauty and elegance. 

Boheme SG also has initiatives that contribute to Glamourous Giving, as well as Vero’s family charity, and we are overjoyed to have a feature at the Fashion for Cancer event in February. This month, Vero’s been in Jaipur, designing and dreaming up our new ocean themed collection, featuring never-before-seen silver pieces and upcycled material, as well as in Bali, curating and arranging photo shoots for the newest pieces, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Our collections are now available on Wolf & Badger, and shipping worldwide in 3 days with DHL express.

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