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Unveiling Boheme SG: A Global Tapestry of Traditions, Crafted by Vero's Travels

Unveiling Boheme SG: A Global Tapestry of Traditions, Crafted by Vero's Travels

Storytelling is at the forefront of Vero’s artistic universe. Boheme SG’s jewellery is a journey through time and space, drawing inspiration from an interconnected tapestry of people, places and cultures. From a young age, Vero’s travels have defined her worldview, and more than 20 years ago, she informally began creating jewellery for friends as an artistic medium through which she channelled her love for exploration and deep immersion into other cultures.

As a child, she looked toward her mother, who for her embodied the timeless French elegance, always adorned in statement pieces and glittering jewellery, as a way of expression and an avenue of creativity. Moving to Barcelona at age 18, she became immersed in the art world, truly the place to be, and found herself surrounded by designers, artists, and other creatives. 

When living in India and Thailand later in her life, Vero became enamoured by the idea of jewellery’s versatility, that you could wear it on every occasion, be it to the beach or a party, and that it would exude some part of the wearers personality. From that, Boheme was born, inspired by the interconnection of casual and chic. She fearlessly dove into the world of jewellery-making, and as a 50th birthday present to herself, left her other endeavors to pursue it wholly. 

When the pandemic swept the world, Vero was studying. Reading up on the history of jewellery, drawing designs and creating prototypes, she withdrew from the world and channelled her creative energy into her new brainchild. She transformed her home into a showroom, inviting friends and clients to immerse themselves in her world, one of wanderlust and expression.

Now settled in Singapore, the jungle city became her hub to communicate her message, and build her brand. Sustainability has always been at the hear of Boheme SG, and her skilled artisans in Jaipur meticulously craft each piece with recycled, 18 karat gold-plated brass, and make sure to use ethical and responsible production methods, as a way to give back to the natural landscapes that so deeply inspire her work. After featuring her work at the Earth Shot Prize 2024, in which British Royalty were in attendance, Vero hopes to take sustainable production to the next level, and implement a sustainability roadmap for the upcoming year.

Travelling often, Vero is never short of inspiration. From Jaipur to Singapore, India to France, every adventure brings a new inspiration for a collection, of which to date she has dreamt up 15. Her newest collection draws on the mystique and allure of the ocean, as well as bringing awareness to the importance of its protection. Using pieces modelled on the deep sea life, she brings us beneath the waves for a journey into a silent new world, one teeming with life and colour. The collection upcycles corals and pearls to bring them new life, and celebrates maritime life.

Boheme has firmly established its place as a leading boutique jeweller in Singapore, and in 2024 Vero hopes to expand this global reach, bringing sparkle and personality to outfits across the planet. In particular, she hopes to host more collaborations and events, from the Middle East to America, and bring her jewellery to a plethora of different personalities and cultures. 

After decades of evolution, Vero couldn't be more thrilled at the prospects ahead of her. This year Boheme SG will add personalisation options for jewellery, silver or high-quality gold, and customisation of jewels and semi-precious stones. From New York showcases, to upcoming silver Ocean and African collections, as well as working with agents to make Boheme SG global, becoming established in countries such as Russia, Dubai and Indonesia, listing on popular stores such as iChangi and Wolf and Badger, 2024 is full of exciting new events and collections.

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