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New collection coming up: Amazons

New collection coming up: Amazons


I always got inspired by my travellings.. this year at the beginning of the lockdown I started drawing a very colourful and happy motivational earrings dreaming of our next trips, family reunions under a bright sun..

We were supposed to go to Italy this summer and sail around Sardinia, instead we did a “fantasy” trip.. taking our son to get pizzas, listening to Italian songs, making fresh pasta and learning about history..

We created gladiators costumes and a small coliseum and watched the movie “Gladiators”.


I loved the character “Lucilla“ jewellery and wondered how they got inspired by..
I came across the Fayum mummy portraits. They are a type of naturalistic painted portrait on wooden boards attached to Upper class mummies from Roman Egypt.


They belong to the tradition of panel painting, one of the most highly regarded forms of art in the Classical world. The Fayum portraits are the only large body of art from that tradition to have survived. Their large, exaggerated eyes suggest an effort by artists to capture someone very much alive rather than recently deceased. They feel so modern and actual and just fascinated me..


At the same time , I realised that this pandemic was going to stay for much longer than anticipated and I decided to change the theme of my collection. it would be now inspired by “Gladiatrix and Goddesses“, by the strong women in us during those difficult times, inspired by this collection of Fayum portraits, a classic, ethereal and yet modern line.

A member of a legendary race of female warriors believed by the Ancient Greeks to exist in Scythia (near the Black Sea in modern Russia) or elsewhere on the edge of the known world.



If you want to learn more about my inspirations for «  Amazons », check those links..


Our shoot will take place next week! I can’t wait to share the «  behind the scene »
The collection will be launched online, and at the Studio on the first of October and shortly after at our Boutique partners!


I hope you will love it !




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